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Reiki Master - Roshan Crasta

Reiki Master



Everyone deserves to have a fulfilling life, yet our overall health is often restricted by the narrow lens through which we view it.

Fortunately, Roshan’s here to help you look at your wellbeing in an entirely new way; from improved mental and physical health that can improve relationships and uplift quality of life – all managed yourself for maximum benefit!

With his inclination towards meta physics combined with years of experience in energy work specifically aimed at bettering human wellness, he has developed effective healing services designed around removing the source of dis-ease.

As Maynard once said “If we heal spiritually, mentally and emotionally first then this will naturally affect us physically too”. Let Roshan lighten your load today.

Certified by the International Center for Reiki Training in Usui and Karuna Reiki as well as recognized worldwide as an Atlantean Healing Master and Ascension Master, Roshan Crasta is a master of blending traditional healing energies with other powerful modalities.

With these unique abilities he provides high-quality individualised care to people coming from all over Mauritius.

Through his global events, you can expect access to far more than standard Reiki practices; discover something new at every event hosted by him. Looking for exceptional therapies? Head straight towards the Services & Events pages now to book your session today!

What is healing?

we strive to attain a state of balance in mind, body and soul. to attain this we need healing

The human body is a remarkable system, with the power to restore itself through natural healing. Everyone seeks this ‘Feel Good’ sensation – which can differ from person-to-person – and Be A Roshan offers services to bring it about in numerous ways.

Reiki, for example, facilitates energy flow throughout the body that leads to improved physical and mental wellbeing; enabling an enriched lifestyle overall.

Our bodies are surrounded by an invisible but powerful energy field that impacts our physical and mental health.

Be A Roshan offers two special holistic treatments, Atlantean Healing for group treatment sessions and Reiki for individuals looking to restore balance in their life force energies. Already making waves within renowned hospitals the world over – why not see what this ancient yet modern form of therapy could do for you? Come, join us and discover a new way to experience your inner self! 

The journey towards achieving physical and mental equilibrium can be a difficult one – but Be A Roshan is here to light up your path. Find out more today, and be the Roshan you know you can be.

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Atlantean Healing

healing through ancient healing technologies at its highest frequency ever

As our beloved Earth evolves from a third- to a fifth-dimensional plane, many enlightened beings are aiding the process. Those who work diligently in service of this transformation have been gifted with innovative spiritual technologies intended for humanity and planetary healing – one such example being Atlantean Healing.

Bearing ancient roots yet having advanced into higher realms than ever before, it is today’s most powerful gift of relief; here to embrace us during our journey as we traverse through these cosmic changes!

Roshan’s Atlantean Healing sessions help unlock powerful energies that can heal deep trauma, enabling profound transformation and spiritual growth. Group members experience intense high-frequency energy flows tailored to their individual needs for accelerated healing journeys. To stay up to date on the latest events near you, be sure follow us across social media!

Roshan’s commitment to humanity and planetary healing is a testament to the power of spiritual transformation. Using ancient yet powerful techniques, he has created an oasis of light that brings peace and comfort to all who seek it.

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Healing Through Reiki

healing through the transformational power of the light of the highest of good

Reiki is a healing art originating in Japan that utilizes Ki, Universal Energy or Life Force to promote wellbeing.

Its popularity has spanned the globe due its effectiveness at providing relief from physical and emotional discomfort including tension, stress and even psychological issues. Furthermore, it brings with it an aura of relaxation allowing one to take part in self-care while engaging their sense of personal wellness holistically on all levels: Physically; Emotionally; Mentally; Spiritually.

Reiki is a holistic approach to healing that works on the subtle body, well beyond physical matter. During Reiki sessions, practitioners use their hands in 10 strategic positions around the client’s body to channel energy and clear energetic debris. This helps align and balance chakras, and create an unhindered flow of Ki throughout the system for powerful rejuvenation benefits!

We are proud of our international reach; we’ve helped clients all over with long-distance healings from our center here in Mauritius. Not only do these treatments provide deep spiritual transformation – they also bring peace of mind through conversations before or after each session discussing your experience within it.  We firmly believe everyone deserves to feel their best and with Reiki, you can!

Ready to begin your journey? Feel free to book a session with us today and let the healing process begin. We look forward to welcoming you at bearoshan.com! 


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Our Services

Healing & Meditation Services in Mauritius. You can view the full list here

Mindful Mentor Coaching

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced meditator, your personal coach will work with you one-on-one and design classes that meet your lifestyle goals towards mindfulness and inner peace.

Guided Meditation

Our specially curated visualizations and intentions can open up powerful pathways of transformation.

Holy Fire III Reiki In-House

A 1 hour Reiki in-house session will help to rejuvenate and give your body a boost. It is a relaxing experience and you will leave our center feeling refreshed and energised.

Grief Resolution

When you lose a loved one or a pet, it can be difficult to deal with the emotions of grief, sadness and loss. Unresolved grief and sadness can lead to depression and anxiety. We help resolve grief through the loving and healing energy of Reiki so you can move forward.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval provides a powerful tool for restoring harmony within ourselves by helping us reclaim those lost fragments of our soul.

Let’s Talk!

Are you in search of spiritual answers and healing? Connect with us!

Energetic Cord Cutting Session

The cord cutting session is a unique service with powerful effects. It is designed to heal issues between two or more people, freeing them from any negative energy and restoring balance and harmony in their relationship.

Reiki and Meditation – Karuna Reiki with a Holy Fire Healing Meditation

Combining Reiki and Meditation, this two-hour journey has the potential to create powerful changes within your energy bodies – so why not take up the opportunity for total transformation today!

Meditate with us

Join us for our silent meditation sessions and explore an accelerated journey of growth, clarity, joy and peace.

Karma Clearing Session

A Karma clearing session is focused on clearing past life and present life Karma that has been accumulated through our actions in this life time or past life times. Another aspect of the Karma clearing session is to also clear Karma from broken promises which have now become curses and ancestral and ancient curses.

Home Space Clearing For A Happier Home

Our home space clearing services ensure all negative energies are banished, setting an energetically balanced foundation for personal joy and growth.

Upcoming events

Learn With Us

At our therapy center, we believe in more than just healing – it’s about embracing the power within to bring health and wellness not only for ourselves, but those around us. Unlock your potential with Reiki courses designed to help you on your journey of self-discovery! Our current selection offers introduction through advanced level modules while meditation and energy healing are being added soon.

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