About Us

Find the healing source of Light at Be A Roshan, a paradise-island based energy therapy and meditation center. Our mission is to provide you with the tools to transform your life for greater fulfilment and happiness – helping heal not only yourself but also those around you.

“Roshan” means Light so let us help you on your journey as together we can unlock your innermost powers in search of deeper meaning, understanding, purpose and joyfulness. Join us today and discover the power of Roshan!

Our Team

With a passionate mission to heal, Roshan has carefully trained and gathered together an exceptional team of 5 Reiki Masters in the last 3 years. Together they perform sessions both in-person and online from Mauritius outwards.
Not only that, but each healer is encouraged by him to find their own individual style when working with such powerful energy – after all it knows no boundaries! It’s your time now; experience the abundance of Reiki therapy with these incredible minds today!