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Our dedicated Reiki Masters at Be A Roshan provide a safe and nurturing healing space. Our sessions are tailored to your needs, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and support. Our Masters have trained under Master Roshan and follow his unique style of working with energy. Yet, they have and work with their own special abilities and talents.

Experience the power of Reiki and our diverse healing modalities, and discover the impact they can have on your life.

At Be A Roshan, we specialize in a range of powerful healing modalities. They are designed to work together and promote well-being, balance, and personal growth. Between Reiki, soul retrieval, past life healing, spirit release, and cord cutting sessions, we offer a diverse array of services to support you on your healing journey.

1. Karuna Reiki – Unleashing Compassionate Healing Energy One of Master Roshan’s unique offerings is Karuna Reiki.

It is an advanced form of Reiki that focuses on compassion and healing deep emotional wounds. Here’s how Karuna Reiki can enhance your healing experience:

1. Deep emotional healing: Karuna Reiki works on a deep level. It addresses emotional traumas and deeply ingrained patterns. It helps you release and heal emotional blockages. It promotes inner peace and emotional well-being.

2. Spiritual transformation: Karuna Reiki facilitates spiritual growth and transformation. It is a connection to a higher frequency of healing energy. It supports you on your spiritual journey. It deepens your connection to your inner self, and enhances your spiritual awareness.

3. Empowerment and self-love: Through Karuna Reiki, Master Roshan empowers individuals to cultivate self-love, acceptance, and compassion towards themselves and others. This healing energy helps you develop a nurturing relationship with yourself, encouraging personal growth and self-discovery.

2. Holy Fire III Reiki: Harnessing the Power of Universal Energy

1. Stress reduction: Reiki helps to reduce stress and induces deep relaxation. This allows your body to naturally release tension and promote a sense of calm.

2. Emotional healing: By balancing and harmonizing your energy, Reiki supports emotional healing. This helps you release emotional blockages and cultivate inner peace.

3. Physical well-being: Reiki promotes the body’s natural healing abilities. This in turn supports physical well-being and vitality. It also assists in pain management and speeds up the recovery process.

4. Mental clarity: Reiki helps to clear the mind and enhance mental clarity. Thus, allowing you to focus better, make decisions with greater ease, and improve cognitive function.

5. Spiritual growth: Reiki nurtures spiritual growth by connecting you with the life force energy of the Universe. It also facilitates a deeper connection to yourself, others, and the world around you.

In addition to Karuna Reiki, Master Roshan also offers a range of healing modalities that work to help you live a better and more productive life. Here’s how these modalities can support your well-being:

1. Soul retrieval: Soul retrieval addresses soul fragmentation caused by trauma. It helps you to reclaim lost aspects of yourself. In healing emotional wounds, it brings back your lost power and a sense of closure to your past.

2. Past life healing: Here we explore and resolve issues stemming from past lives. Past life healing is used to release unresolved emotions, patterns or traumas. It allows you to break free from repetitive patterns. This helps you experience profound personal growth.

3. Generational healing therapy: The influence of family patterns and ancestral energies on your life are real. Healing generational wounds can create positive shifts. It also breaks negative cycles, and establishes healthier relationships.

4. Spirit release sessions: In a spirit release sessions, we help identify and release attached energies. This allows you to regain control over your own energy field and restore control over your life.

5. Cord cutting sessions: Cord cutting sessions focus on cutting energetic attachments or cords with people in your life. These may be draining your energy or fostering unhealthy dependencies. By cutting these cords, you can experience emotional healing and freedom. You can now create healthier boundaries, and cultivate more fulfilling relationships.

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