Banish Negative Energies – Spirit Release Session

Transform your life – banish negative energies! Our therapy session is designed to help you release any energetic attachments that may have built-up from a weakened energy body or psychic attacks. Unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices can attract unwanted spirits, so addressing these can be beneficial in helping rid of such entities – whilst promoting emotional balance & physical wellbeing. During the spirit release process which lasts an hour (in house or online via Skype/Whatsapp etc.), we view all spiritual connections as forms of energy needing healing attention. Let us support you on this journey towards greater transformation today!

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Chakra Exploration: A Journey to Heal and Restore

This session uncovers the causes of blockages, one chakra at a time. This service is focused on one Chakra in minute detail to heal and restore the chakra. The blocked feelings, emotions and sensations in the chakra are dissolved and energy flows more freely. This service paves the way for profound personal growth and transformation.