Energetic Cord Cutting Session

The cord cutting session is a unique service with powerful effects. It is designed to heal issues between two or more people, freeing them from any negative energy and restoring balance and harmony in their relationship. The core of the session focuses on creating positive energy exchanges and positive vibes by identifying and releasing any cords that may be connecting the two people. This process allows those involved to move forward in their lives without clinging to the pain of their past. What makes this session so special is its ability to be tailored fully to each individual’s needs. We work with clients of all backgrounds and walks of life, assessing each participant’s energy field through discussion and guided visualizations before beginning the clearing process. With a skilled guide by your side, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive a fully customized approach as well as ongoing support throughout the journey. People who have gone through this session report feeling grounded, secure, clear and confident in both themselves and their relationships moving forward. Clear away any old pain from your life today; invest in an energetic cord cutting session for an improved tomorrow. A cord cutting session with Master Roshan includes cutting of 5 cords in a 1 hr session and 7 cords during a 90 mins session. A cord cutting session with our other Masters includes cutting of 3 cords in a 1 hr session.

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