Guided Meditation

Embark on a journey of spiritual exploration with our guided meditations! Our specially curated visualizations and intentions can open up powerful pathways of transformation. Come explore how mindfulness practices can further your development along the path you are seeking to take.

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Space clearing for offices and businesses

Powerless energy, blocked pathways and negative entities can seriously inhibit growth – so why not opt for a clean workspace which is the first step on the path to prosperity.

Karuna Reiki for Couples or Two People

Whether you are seeking to strengthen the bond between yourself and your partner, or mend relationships with family or friends – this hour-long session promises an increased alignment of energy on both sides while nurturing peace and harmony in any relationship.

Past Life Healing and Recovery

In Past Life Healing we work on removing past life, traumatic, emotional, psychological and karmic blockages in order to bring about healing, recovery and spiritual growth.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval provides a powerful tool for restoring harmony within ourselves by helping us reclaim those lost fragments of our soul.

Holy Fire III Reiki For Pets – Distance Reiki Session

Our beloved furry friends can benefit from Reiki to support them with trauma, illness, and the natural aging process. Book your session today to give them the support they need.

Chakra Exploration: A Journey to Heal and Restore

This session uncovers the causes of blockages, one chakra at a time. This service is focused on one Chakra in minute detail to heal and restore the chakra. The blocked feelings, emotions and sensations in the chakra are dissolved and energy flows more freely. This service paves the way for profound personal growth and transformation.