Holy Fire Reiki Master Naïlah


Naïlah is a Reiki Master and regression therapist based in Trou Aux Biches, Mauritius. She discovered Reiki in 2013 and has been practicing it ever since. In 2018, she also started practicing regression therapy and believes that both forms of healing are essential for the overall wellbeing of an individual, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

After surviving a life-threatening incident, Naïlah realized that she was on a mission to help others heal and find their life-purpose. She has complemented her healing journey with Holy Fire Reiki and believes that when we embrace energetic healing, it brings clarity on other aspects of our lives too. Each individual’s healing journey is unique and the foundation is learning to embrace acceptance.

You can book your appointment with her for an in-person session here or for a long distance session here.